Zap Fight Trilogy – Exclusive Cover Art Preview

Alf Yngve has provided RGN with an exclusive preview of the cover art for his upcoming release – Zap Fight Trilogy. Designed and created by Alf himself, this is one impressive looking piece of art that would look great as a poster on the walls of our gaming dens.

Zap Fight Trilogy features Zap Fight 3, the latest instalment to Yngve’s Zap Fight series and having previewed the game ourselves we can confirm that this shooter will remind you a lot of classic titles such as Slap Fight and perhaps Terra Cresta, is set to provide some enjoyable game play with its large size enemies and incremental power up system that transform the look of your ship.

The game is still awaiting a release schedule from Psytronik Software but in the meantime you can see the game in action in the video link below.

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