Psytronik Software confirm January 2020 releases

Psytronik Software is please to confirm that the following Commodore 64 games will be available on pre-order from 18th January 2020.

The Shadow Over Hawksmill

To celebrate the 100th release from Psytronik Software the team behind the multi-award-winning release Rocky Memphis: The Legend Of Atlantis are BACK with a stunning new arcade adventure for the C64.  Journey to the rain-swept village of Hawksmill to investigate the mysterious disappearance of it’s inhabitants. Uncover ancient secrets and mysteries foretold in the necronomicon as you travel through the mysterious town.  Featuring an exciting mix of puzzle solving, adventuring and shooting this is set to be yet another unmissable release from the ICON 64 team! 

The Shadow Over Hawksmill will be released on tape, disk, cartridge and digital download.

Metal Warrior Quadriloguy

The Metal Warrior Quadriloguy is a compilation for the Commodore 64 that features 4 complete Metal Warrior games commercially released as a deluxe box set for the first time.

Before Hessian and Steel Ranger there was the Metal Warrior series. A collection of four games charting the story of a near-future war-metal band waging battle on the forces of evil in the world. Travel around different locations, interact with friendly and hostile encounters, upgrade your armaments and prepare yourself for awesome boss encounters.

This collection will be presented in a stunning fully printed glossy box that contains the 4 original Metal Warrior games on three floppy disks, soundtrack CD, artwork stickers, a deluxe art card, badge, glossy game artwork poster + more!


Released 50 years after man first set foot on moon now here’s you chance to take a giant leap even further – on a mission to the red planet, MARS! The human adventure continues.

Humanity is on the verge of taking a great leap and starting one of the greatest adventures in history – A mission to MARS. You are the mission commander and you have eight of the best international space engineers in your crew. It is up to you to keep the health of your crew as stable as possible during the mission. Issue commands to your crew members in order to complete your mission – each crew member is responsible for different tasks.  Keep an eye on your energy level and the status of your crew. There will be many problems that you will have to face and solve during your mission to reach the red planet.

MARS will be released on tape, disk and digital download.

Exploding Fish

Originally self-published by Megastyle, Exploding Fish will be re-released under the Psytronik Software banner. Take control of Diver Dougal on a quest to clear the sea bed of bombs dropped there by the evil Doctor Drax! Navigate through assorted reefs avoiding all manner of aquatic adversaries.

Exploding Fish will be available to order in standard cassette format, a special clamshell tape edition (limited to 50 copies), budget C64 disk and premium+ C64 disk. 

Chaos Generator

Synthpop band Chaos Generator just recorded their new album. But oh no! The producer has lost all of the songs. In order to get the music to the record plant, the producer has to collect all the songs! But beware of the magnets, who’s only goal is to erase all audio! Be quick, and help the producer to get the songs to the record plant.

Chaos Generator will be available to order in standard cassette format, a special clamshell tape edition (limited to 50 copies), budget C64 disk and premium+ C64 disk. 

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