Zap Fight 3 to be part of enhanced trilogy

Shoot’em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) maestro Alf Yngve has been busy completing work on the latest instalment to his Zap Fight shooter series, Zap Fight 3 for the Commodore 64.

This vertical shooter utilises the SEUCK Redux engine and is set to feature:

  • large impressive looking sprites;
  • five different boss battles;
  • a power up system that sees your ship transform into larger forms;
  • enemies with ‘smart aim’ (presumably enemies with enhanced AI shooting); and
  • a game design that generates far more enemies than the previous games in the series

The game’s design and graphics have been done by Alf while Richard Bayliss and Martin Piper have helped convert Zap Fight 3 to the SEUCK Redux framework and added various enhancements to make sure that the game offers a lot more than your standard SEUCK title.

In speaking to Alf about this upcoming game, he revealed that it is his intention to release Zap Fight 3 as part of a special trilogy bundle. The other two games to be include are:

  • Zap Fight Redux – Converted to SEUCK Redux, featuring power-ups, smoother scrolling, enemies with ‘smart aim’ and a truly superb soundtrack by Richard Bayliss
  • Zap Fight 2 Extra Special Edition – An extended version of the Zap Fight 2, featuring improved gameplay, some new enemies, and the inclusion of enemies with ‘smart aim’.

Alf always looks to push the SEUCK engine to its limits with every game he produces so if you have played any of his other titles previously then you will know that Zap Fight 3 will be something to definitely be on a look out for when the game become available.

The trilogy is set to be released via Psytronik Software but a release date has not yet been set.

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