MW Ultra (C64)

MW ULTRA (Covert Bitops) €14.99 (digital) / €45.00 (cart)

Game title: MW ULTRA

Game description: MW ULTRA is a reboot of the original Metal Warrior game released in 1999. The game basically retells the original story in an expanded setting with some deviations to the story arc and features a greatly enhanced gameplay over the original title. MW ULTRA is an epic arcade adventure game that sees you take control of Ian, a heavy metal fan with low inspirations, who is mourning the death of his best friend during a failed burglary. Ian is asked to replace him in a heavy metal band Cyber Priest - which then triggers a whole chain of events are triggered, involving Ian and Cyberpriest being caught up in some form of behavioural control conspiracy. The game is rich in features. Along with plenty of combat and a myriad of weapons at your disposal, you will get the opportunity to interact with hundreds of locations picking up extra weapons, ammo, cash and armour along the way while completing shorter objectives that a well strung together to form the overall story narrative.

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  • Production - 99%
  • Fun - 90%
  • Depth - 100%


Lasse Öörni (Cover Bitops) has been at the forefront of of Commodore 64 gaming development in the post 1993 era with his Metal Warrior series, along with Hessian and Steel Ranger, being fine examples of merging fighting action game play with interactive story telling and immersive game worlds to provide high quality commercial grade titles. While the style of his games follow a particular template, each iteration sees Öörni introduce a new element or refinement to existing mechanics, that provide the gamer with a sense that they are playing the next big thing. MW Ultra is an accumulation of 20+ years of Lasse’s ever growing knowledge and passion for the C64 and the results are simply spectactular.

For those of you who have played any of the previous Metal Warrior titles, you will immediately notice the improved fluidity of the player controls. There is a sense of silky smoothness to them and you always feel like you have full control of our hero.

The game gives off a sense of being an open world game to some degree as you interact with other characters and move across the various game environments with limited restrictions all within the confines of a story narrative that drives your motivations to see ‘what’s next’ Ian will have to deal, including dogs, drones and a number of impressive mini boss battles, such as bulldozers, bears, and Robocop inspired battle robots.

The development of MW Ultra has taken over two years to complete and the results of all this hard work are outstanding. Great graphics and animation, atmospheric music soundtrack, expansive game world exploration, fun but challenging combat and immersive story telling. MW Ultra has it all and needs to be experienced by everyone on enjoys their C64 gaming. If this doesn’t bring the nostalgia fan boys to appreciate new generation C64 gaming then nothing will.

User Review
4.13 (8 votes)


  • Wonderful story narrative
  • Expansive game world
  • Silky controls
  • Large array of weapons & items
  • Immersive music soundtrack


  • None

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