Millie & Molly (C64)

  • Production - 88%
  • Fun - 92%
  • Depth - 92%


The best puzzle style game for the Commodore 64 ever.

User Review
3.64 (11 votes)


  • Superb music soundtrack
  • Rewind feature
  • Perfect difficulty curve
  • Progressive game play


  • First 20 levels are too easy

What do you get when a highly talented programmer (Carleton Handley) teams up with an accomplished C64 artist (Saul Cross), a musical SID maestro (Hasse Axelsson-Svala) and a fiendishly clever puzzle designer (Chun Wah Kong), well you end up with the jewel that is Millie & Molly for the Commodore 64.

Millie & Molly is a single screen puzzle platform game where you need to help Millie and Molly clear their world of malicious monsters by walking into them from the side. There are 100 levels in total and each time you complete a level you are given a password, allowing you to come back to the game at later stages and continue you on from where left off.

The first 20 levels are played with just the Molly character and you won’t have any trouble getting through these. The game has a very gentle learning curve that allows you to get used to all of the game mechanics early on such as pushing boulders to your advantage, digging through dirt and climbing up ladders. Adding to the overall casual play feel of the game, you will find that there is no time limit to solving each room.

Molly makes her appearance in the game from level 21, and you can switch control from one character to another by a quick tap of the joystick button. There isn’t anything different about the two character’s capabilities. They both move around the same, they both can fall from great heights without penalty and they both can not jump and as such need to rely on other objects or each other to help bridge gaps to get to some monsters.

One of the best features of Millie and Molly is the rewind function. If you find yourself stuck on any level or realised that you just made the wrong move, simply hold down the joystick button and watch your previous steps become undone like you just hit the rewind button on an old video cassette player. This is a great feature that works flawlessly.

Mille and Molly provides quite an engaging puzzle solving experience without it ever really being grossly difficult. The level design is perfect for the casual player and definitely has that ‘just one more go’ element to it that will see gaming session extend well beyond the time you originally intended.

Graphically, Millie & Molly is quite polished with all sprite characters very well defined and the game levels contains a number of graphical themes, including Egyptian, Underwater World and Spooky.

Sonically, the game provides the perfect ambience to solve puzzles. The classical inspired tunes vary across each of the game world themes are so soothing and add so much to the overall game experience

This is one charming but engrossing game and if you are a fan of puzzle type games then you are sure to enjoy Millie and Molly.

Game Link: Carelton Handley Itch.Io page

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