Muddy Racers (C64)

Muddy Racers (Monte Boyd/Protovision) Starting from 5.99 EUR

Game title: Muddy Racers

Game description: Muddy Racers is a single screen arcade racer presented with an overhead view. You can compete for the best time in a single race, or take on the Championship mode and see who finishes on top of the leaderboard. CPU drivers have different personalities: Torquey Tom, Nitro Nigel, Revvy Rick and Oily Olive. Coins can be collected during a race and earned based on finishing positions, which can then be used to buy upgrades such as improved steering, higher maximum acceleration, nitro boost and oil slicks. Muddy Racers contains 18 tracks across 3 different environments and also allows 4 human players at the same time.

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  • Production - 88%
  • Fun - 97%
  • Depth - 85%


There is so much to appreciate about Muddy Racers that is not immediately visible. The controls are very good and you certainly notice when upgrades are applied to your car. The CPU racers have their own personality traits on the track and the bumpy mechanics are a critical component to winning in some circumstances.

But it is these same bumpy mechanics that may put some gamers off, especially if you go into the game with a predetermined perception of racers from the ‘old days’. And that is a shame because it does not take too long before you get accustomed with the way that cars bounce off each other when they collide and you realise that initiating bumps in the right spot can be used to your own advantage.

The overall presentation is great with some impressive visuals and the music soundtrack being a perfect fit for a racing game of this type. The inclusion of 18 different tracks, a championship mode and the ability to play against 3 other human opponents ensures that Muddy Racers is fun whether you are playing solo or with friends.

Best 21st century C64 racing game? You bet! How about best of all time…well for me this is pretty close to it.

User Review
4.5 (2 votes)


  • Controls feel good
  • CPU racers have own personality
  • 18 tracks in total
  • 4 player mode
  • Pure arcade fun


  • Some might not like the bumpy physics

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