Space Station 23 (C64)

Space Station 23 (Vector5 Games)

Game title: Space Station 23

Game description: Space Station 23 is a top down exploration shooter that contains 240 different rooms spread out across 10 levels. The premise of the game is that a space station planet has been partially damaged from an asteroid leaving it exposed to be invaded by alien creatures. You play Joe Phoenix sent in to collect resources to restore the space station back to full power while at the same time killing off the aliens. To complete a level, you need to collect the requisite number of bolts and nuclear supplies and locate the cartridge that will enable the exit door to become unlocked. Three of the 10 levels take place outside on the surface of the planet. The climate here is very hot so you need to regularly fill up on coolant to keep yourself cool otherwise you risk overheating. To help you with your quest, you will come across ammunition and health packs and most of the levels will require you to override the computer systems so that you can remove lasers and jammed doors.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 83%
  • Depth - 76%


Space Station 23 is a fun arcade style game that is so easy to pick up. The ammunition and health management part of the game is what really wins me over and pushes the game to be something more than just a standard overhead shooter. I also like the concept of finding items to unlock areas that are blocked off and the inclusion of external environments that throws in the additional management aspect of keeping your space suit cool by toping up with coolant at specific locations. If there is any criticism to be had of the game is that it doesn’t really provide progressive gameplay. All the levels more or less play the same way – just in a different configuration. That is such a shame, as making each level feel a little more distinctive would go along way to making Space Station 23 a super strong title especially if cut scenes could be inserted within the game to help push the story narrative and make the whole experience far more engaging. But don’t let this put you off on the game, Space Station 23 does enough keep you playing through to the end and is well worth you setting a few game sessions aside to complete.

User Review
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  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Ammo / health management is key
  • Good game world size
  • Level progress is saved


  • Limited variety / progressive game play
  • More cut scenes required to push story

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