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NewsStand (AGPX) Free

Game title: NewsStand

Game description: News Stand is an arcade adventure platform game in which you take control of Joseph as he goes around collecting money in order to buy C64 game cassette tapes from the local news stand. You go from one screen to another, collecting Lire along the way while avoiding different types of hazards and figuring out how to remove access blockages. The objective is to get to the news stand with 1000 lire on hand. There are 5 levels in total.

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  • Production - 80%
  • Fun - 74%
  • Depth - 71%


NewsStand is a game that should be so much more than it delivers. I really like the game design concept, its arcade adventure elements, the graphical style and the story narrative – so why do I have a sense of partial dissatisfaction with the game? Maybe its that controls are not as responsive as they need to be, maybe its the long load times between levels that disconnects you from the game, or maybe you can’t help but think is that all there is to each level. But let’s not be all negative here as NewsStand is definitely a title that deserves its fair share of attention. AGPX could have easily just made this a standard platform game but to their credit the arcade adventure elements are simple but effective in enhancing the game play. I am quite taken by the graphical style, it provides the right level of nostalgic warmth with the way colours are used and the detail applied. The level designs are all good even though they are too short and I like how the fourth level switches the game play to you controlling a drone – clever idea. NewsStand is a charming little game with so much potential.

User Review
4.75 (20 votes)


  • Game has character and good story
  • Colourful and details graphics
  • Light puzzle elements
  • Music jingle and outside sound effects


  • Long load times between levels
  • Frustrating jump mechanic
  • Short levels / not enough levels


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