Hired Sword 2 (C64) on pre-order from Double Sided Games

Double Sided Games are pleased to announce that their upcoming RPG game, Hired Sword 2 is now available for preorder from their website.

Hired Sword 2 is set to provide a classic Ultimate style of game play with some cheeky overtones. You take on a role as a mercenary who has fallen deeply in love with a female elf who seems to have disappeared and you set out on a quest to find her so that you may both live in eternal bliss.

Hired Sword 2 features a wide array of randomly generated weapons and armory for you to use against 36 different types of monsters across 20 maps.

The game will be made available as a digital download and a limited edition physical box, which includes:

  • Cardboard Box
  • 5″ 1/4 Floppy
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cloth Map
  • Digital version
  • Free Bonus: Hired Sword 1 ! (included on side B of the floppy and the digital download)

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