Escape Room (C64)

Escape Room (fig-labs) Free

Game title: Escape Room

Game description: Escape Room is a maze-adventure game where you need to solve a maze in total darkness using only a torch light within a set time limit. Your torch has limited range which reduces as its batteries drain. You will find coloured doors during your search and to open these you must search for the keys from within the maze. You will stumble across traps that will need to be defused by playing a mini game that requires you to replicate specific direction patterns. Failing at the mini game will send an electric shock through your player - greatly reducing your health, while successfully defusing traps restores health by a small amount. As at v1.4.1, Escape Room contains only 2 maze packs, each containing 6 mazes, with the capacity to have 100 maze packs in total some time in the future.

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  • Production - 70%
  • Fun - 68%
  • Depth - 60%


Escape Room is a simple exploration game with a solid execution in its current form. The ray casting effect of the torch beam is really well executed and that psychedelic SID music track is somewhat hypnotic and provides some great atmosphere.

I generally enjoy exploration games with the broad concept of finding a key to unlock a door in order to make progress and I think Escape Room ticks the box in this respect. But as you play through the longer mazes, you can’t help but get frustrated with the slow movement of your player. I did find myself start getting a little bored with the lack of danger within the game. The mini game to defuse traps is a good touch but I found myself wishing that there were more hazards to stumble into as the only real challenge that the game currently poses is when you can’t locate that one key hidden somewhere within the labyrinth.

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  • Atmospheric hypnotic music
  • Wonderful ray casting effect of the torch beam
  • Clever trap diffusing mini game


  • Player movement is slow
  • Limited number of mazes (as at v1.4.1)
  • More hazards needed

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