Outrage (C64)

Outrage (Cosign Designs) 4.99EUR (Digital) / 40.00EUR (Cart)

Game title: Outrage

Game description: Outrage is a run’n’gun type game that sees you fighting your way to the far right side of a level through hordes of spawning monsters and collecting coins along the way. You start off with 5 lives and your warrior has an energy bar that decreases over time which means you need to reach a shop in time to replenish your energy otherwise you lose one of your lives when it runs out. You have four weapons at your disposal. Your default weapon is somewhat weak but comes with unlimited supply of ammunition. The other three weapons at your disposal have stronger firepower but your ammunition for these is limited and must be purchased with coins you collect throughout the game. There are tons of platforms that you have to navigate across, many hazards to be aware of and killing enemies with the basic weapon requires multiple hits. There are 5 levels in total with each featuring a boss battle.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 50%
  • Depth - 65%


Outrage looks like a game that should be a lot of fun and it is at the start as you run around blasting enemies all while backed by a great thumping soundtrack.

But things start to go downhill as the challenge within starts to kick in and the amount of platform jumping required exceeds the shooting action and all of a sudden the pace of the game slows down and the game starts to become too much of a ‘stop / start’ affair. Adding further to the frustration is that it is not clear which parts of the game environment can be jumped onto and getting this wrong results in a loss of life and there is little variety in game play from one level to another. Thankfully, a little bit of depth is added to the game via its shop / weapon upgrade feature and the boss battle screens are a good reward for the banality of the action that takes place before reaching the end of each level.

Outrage is very much a game of the 90s (when it was originally developed) and is very much in the need of current day sensibilities to be added to its game design to make it more engaging and, as a result, will only appeal to a particular segment of gamers.

User Review
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  • Fantastic sound track
  • Good Boss Battles
  • Variety of weapons


  • Difficulty setting too hard
  • Not clear what platforms can be jumped upon
  • Too much jumping required

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