Quasimodo’s Christmas Caper (C64)

Quasimodo's Xmas Caper (rwx designs) $3 USD

Game title: Quasimodo's Xmas Caper

Game description: Your objective is to guide Quasimodo through 12 Christmas-themed levels clearing all the snowballs while avoiding elves and other sharp objects. As a secondary objective, you can also collect gold stars. If you collect 99 gold stars then you unlock the bonus stage. Extra lives, power ups and bonus points are awarded when you collect the larger stars. If you take too long to clear a level, the Elves turn nasty and start shooting snowballs at Quasimodo. Take even longer and you then have to deal with Boris, the evil snowman.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 70%
  • Depth - 70%


Quasimodo’s Christmas Caper is a charming little single screen platformer that provides some light style old school arcade entertainment. There is enough variation within its 12 levels to keep things interesting for the general gamer and the secondary objective of trying to unlock the bonus stage ensures a little bit of replay value.

Graphically, the game stands out well not only due to its vibrant detailed graphics but you can’t help to be impressed by the snowfall effect. However, the lack of an in game tune does detract from the overall offering. This is a type of game that really does need music to keep the whole spirit of the game going throughout.

Gameplay wise things start off somewhat standard but the introduction of things like ice balls that freeze you and make you immune to elves temporarily is a nice little strategic add on. The collection detection can be a little finicky at times as certain snowballs can require multiple attempts to have Quasi’s hit trigger points on his feet make the right contact – which often results in you unnecessarily losing a life.

Quasimodo’s Christmas Caper doesn’t try to be anything but a nice bit of simple gaming fun and it achieves this comfortably. If your a fan of single screen platform games then this is an easy recommendation for you at its modest asking price.

User Review
1.83 (6 votes)


  • Very good snowfall graphical effect
  • Bright vibrant graphics
  • Good variation of power ups


  • Collection detection can be a bit finicky
  • No in game music

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