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Game title: Lester

Game description: A space station factory containing radioactive material has been commandeered by its main computer system, taking control of the guardian droids on board.  The space station is set to be sent down towards earth and the only hope to avoid this catastrophe is to send in Lester - a new powerful android to clean up the mess and take back control of the craft. Lester is an action adventure platform game where you take control of the android across 60 screens - navigating across many hazards, eliminating enemy droids and locating hidden items that will gradually unlock restricted areas within the game until you finally make your way to do battle against the main computer system. Eliminating enemies and blasting barrels will result in coins being left behind for you to pick up. Scattered across the space station are computer terminals that not only provide you with a map layout but also allow you to upgrade your weapons and health points with the coins you have collected.

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  • Production - 90%
  • Fun - 92%
  • Depth - 87%


I had quite an enjoyable time with Lester. The production values are very good with its graphical style instantly draws you into the game with its somewhat unique look for the C64 and the various areas within the game each have their own SID soundtrack.

The game play itself is relatively simple but well executed with highly responsive controls. Perhaps there is a degree of repetition as the nature of the game play does not really differ too much the deeper you get into the game but some of the level design is quite clever, making the game feel like that it is bigger than its 60 screens. One of the things that I really appreciate is that the enemy re-spawning mechanic is not instant when you return to a screen. It looks like enemies only re-spawn if you re-enter a zone of screens or perhaps lose a life (note entirely sure which it is) and I found this to work very well.

Lester doesn’t introduce anything new to the genre but what is there is done quite well overall and does provide an addictive gaming experience. Great to see a long standing project like this pay off.

User Review
4.33 (3 votes)


  • Limited re-spawning of enemies
  • Attractive graphic style
  • High quality SID music soundtrack
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Game world is well designed and of good size


  • Game play style might be a little repetitive – it kind of feels the same regardless of what pickups you collect.

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