Scramble Infinity (C64)

Scramble Infinity (5 O'Clock Software)

Game title: Scramble Infinity

Game description: Scramble your fighter and take on the enemy base in this modern take of the arcade classic. Guide your ship through varied and mountainous terrain to infiltrate an enemy base and destroy it! Scramble Infinity is a modern day remake of the original Scramble arcade game featuring improved graphics and sonics while retaining the same game play elements.

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  • Production - 90%
  • Fun - 50%
  • Depth - 55%


Well its finally here but one has to wonder whether it really was worth it after all these years. Yes, the game looks gorgeous, runs smoothly for most part and sounds quite good – especially the menu soundtrack. But the decision to keep the same game play level design means that the action on offer gets dull very quickly and its not until the 5th stage do we feel that there is something different to do.

Scramble Infinity could have been so much more if original levels were done for the game with progressive style gameplay and more levels added. It really is a missed opportunity to make something really great.

Good looking game with little substance. This one is only for Scramble fans.

User Review
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  • Great looking game
  • Very good menu soundtrack


  • No variation to original game design
  • Gets dull very quickly

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