Battle Kingdom readies for pre-order – Showcase video available now

Psytronik Software is pleased to announced that Battle Kingdom for the Commodore 64 will be available to pre-order on 15 March 2021.

Developed by Icon 64, Battle Kingdom is an action adventure game that sees you play Sir Bob as he helps the hapless townspeople who’s normally tranquil kingdom has been overrun by evil wraiths, undead souls, savage beasts and evil dragons! Your quest is to explore the kingdom, enter buildings, dispatch the evil minions that lurk inside and then you will be rewarded either with an item of treasure, arrows to boost your ammo or a piece of the Master Sword. Once you have all the Master Sword pieces you will be able to enter the castle and do battle with the dragon. If you manage to dispatch this fiend then you will rescue the princess!

RGN has a special video show case of Battle Kingdom running you through the game, its features and how to play it:

You can pre-order your copy of Battle Kingdom at Psytronik Software as soon as it becomes available on Monday.

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