Devil’s Temple – Son of the Kung Fu Master (Amiga)

Devil's Temple (Geezer Games) £14.00

Game title: Devil's Temple

Game description: Devil's Temple is a spin-off of the classic Kung Fu Master arcade game. Featuring 10 stages and 3 bonus challenge levels, you play the role of Tommy (the Son of the Kung-Fu Master) as you fight your way through the Devil's Temple in order to rescue your girlfriend from the evil clutches of X. Each stage contains a boss fight and plenty of Easter Eggs for you to uncover that will reward you with many different pickups including extra health, extra lives, bonus points and weapons. Devil's Temple requires at least an A500 with 0.5mb slow ram.

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  • Production - 95%
  • Fun - 95%
  • Depth - 80%


When it comes to pure old school arcade action, Devil’s Temple is as close to perfection as it can get.  Gorgeous looking graphics, sublime music soundtrack and fun and addictive gameplay blend so well to make it a modern day masterpiece for the Amiga.

I am so pleased to see that the gang over at Geezer Games decided to undertake a project that is far more than just a straight arcade port of Kung Fu Master. Note only do we get more stages with Devil’s temple but the variation in game world setting and additional Boss fights does so much to provide a far more engaging experience for today’s Amiga gamer.

The art style of the game is spot on. Not only do they look great but I enjoyed all of the portraits or wall posters being featured throughout. The game moves about really well with only the occasional glitch here and there but nothing that would spoil your experience. When it comes to the actual game play, I found it to be both challenging but fun at the same time. Yes, Devil’s Temple does not necessarily contain that much variation within its game play style (much like its inspiration game) but it is executed so well and part of this is due to each level being just the right length so that the player always feels like that they might be able to pass a stage with just one more go.

Some may have baulked at the game’s original digital download price, which is a shame as it is not until you actually experience the game where any reservations about how much it costs is wiped out as you realise that this is not a game you are going to just play once and forget about. But the great news is that the digital download has been reduced to a more palatable price. This is one of the definitive 21st century titles for fans of arcade style Amiga games.  

User Review
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  • Eye popping graphics
  • Fantastic music soundtrack
  • Levels are not too long
  • Boss battle on each level
  • Fun and addictive


  • Game play style is pretty much the same through out

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