City Bomber 4K added to upcoming BOBR games cart compilation

BOBR games is looking to enter the games publishing scene with their upcoming cartridge release, Single Button Games Collection 2, a compilation of single button games for the Commodore 64.

Along with games such as Trump Tower, Wave Hero and Lunar Blitz RX, BOBR has announced that a brand new game title City Bomber 4K will be added to the cart.

City Bomber 4K is developed by the Megastyle team with coding done by Docster while music and graphics are by Rotteroy. The game sees you dropping bombs down on a city landscape as your plane flies side to side. Each time your plane flies across to the other side, it reappears at a lower altitude and your aim is to completely wipe out all buildings and trees before your plane flies into them. It’s a fun little game within the confines of a 4K file size.

Stay tuned to find out more new from BOBR Games as it comes to hand.

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