Timo’s Castle (C64)

Timo's Castle (Pixelbrei Games) $4.99 USD

Game title: Timo's Castle

Game description: Timo's Castle is a single screen platformer containing 8 distinct levels. The backstory of the game is that you play the role of Timo, a Scottish prince of a noble house who has inherited a country estate with a small neglected castle. The castle carries a curse and Timo's girlfriend Amber suddenly disappears while the couple works on restoring the property. The objective to each level is that Timo must pick up all collectable items in order to reveal a key that unlocks the exit. There is a light puzzle element in some levels, where certain things must be triggered to progress. The game offers two difficulty modes (with or without fall damage) and provides an endless continue feature.

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  • Production - 88%
  • Fun - 85%
  • Depth - 82%


Drawing heavy nostalgic inspiration from Henry’s House, Timo’s Castle adds a number of modern day game principles along with bright and vibrant graphical style, blending them successfuly together. While the game only contains 8 levels, each has a distinct look and gameplay. You can’t help but be pulled in by the graphics on offer and I really appreciate the personal touches added to the overall design where music interludes and graphical effects are triggered when collecting specific items. Another nice touch is the inter level cut scene showing Timo walking from one room to the next. If I could fault the presentation in anyway then it would be the absence of graphical introduction to the game. Gameplay wise, it is very easy to pick up and play and the control mechanics are spot on, though there is a bit of guess work when it comes to deciphering which parts of the game world can be safely walked upon. I enjoyed how some levels contain light trigger based puzzle elements, adding another layer to the overall gaming experience. The inclusion of endless continues should allow most players to get through most of the levels but game rewards the player who finishes the game in one go with a nice looking end screen. Timo’s Castle is a charming and fun game that should be experienced by every C64 gamer.

User Review
2.75 (4 votes)


  • Bright vibrant graphics
  • Responsive controls
  • Continue option
  • Fun gameplay
  • Light puzzle triggers


  • Only 8 levels
  • Some trial & error as to which platform you can walk on

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