Santa’s Workout 3 – Silent Night (C64)

Santa's Workout 3 (Vector5 Games) Free

Game title: Santa's Workout 3

Game description: It's Christmas Eve and Santa has gifts to deliver. Use the overhead neighborhood map to select a house to go into and the game switches to a view of Santa falling from the chimney and your task is to find the Christmas tree somewhere in the house. But to deliver the gifts, you need to be careful to not wake up the kids or pets. Every time you walk, enter a door, or move a piece of furniture, a sound is generated - filling up your sneak meter. Standing still in a safe spot will result in the sneak meter being reduced while getting too close to a pet will set them off, further increasing your sneak meter. You might come across some slippers lying around the houses - collecting these will make your movement silent for a while. So the overall objective of each level is to find the tree to drop off the presents and get back to the chimney without letting your sneak meter get full.

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  • Production - 75%
  • Fun - 70%
  • Depth - 60%


Santa’s Workout 3 is a simple and fun little game to play through this festive season that is well presented with its bright, vibrant graphics. I like the implementation of the sneak meter and how it allows you to pause so that you can get the meter down, and how the houses you can go into vary in size. Limiting its enjoyment is that all levels more or less play the same way and can feel repetitive after completing a handful of houses.

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  • 24 houses to play through
  • Bright, vibrant graphics
  • No timer


  • Limited in game music
  • Each level is somewhat similar to each other

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