Double Sided Games 2020 Line Up Announced

Double Sided Games has had a great debut year as a software publisher with a handful of great releases including L’abbaye Des Morts and Vegetables Deluxe for the Commodore 64, Realms of Quest V and Fire for the Commodore Vic20 and Black Dawn Rebirth for the Commodore Amiga.

Thankfully, 2020 looks to be an equally rewarding year as Double Sided Games has released their 2020 line-up.

Hired Sword II – Commodore 64

Described as a top-down RPG, with a racy humour, Hired Sword II is written, designed and coded by Roy Riggs, while sound and music are made by Mike Richmond. The game will see you explore through 20 maps and 9 dungeons to find the elusive elf and features randomly generated weapons and armour.

The game will be available in March 2020 for the Commodore 64, in boxed floppy and digital format.

Don’t Break The Balls – Commodore 64

An action / puzzle game for 1 or 2 players in co-operation or duel where you control a fan with the objective to blow the bubbles up and prevent them from bursting. The fans require energy to work and need to be recharged often by moving it to the sides of the screen.

Don’t Break The Ball is designed and coded by Emiliano Paglia with the help of Saul Cross for graphics and music / sound and will be available later in 2020 for the Commodore 64, in boxed cartridge, boxed floppy and digital format.

Super Metal Hero – Commodore Amiga 1200

A run’n’ gun style scrolling game with shoot’em up levels that features game design and graphics by TenShu with the help of Michael Gibs for programming and music.

Super Metal Hero will be available Q4 2020 for the Commodore Amiga 1200 (with a 030 accelerator and 4Mb of Fast Ram), in boxed floppy and digital format.

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